Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whitby beach huts

The first picture on Whitby Daily Photo was taken from behind the beach huts, looking out to the piers. 

The town centre is only a 15 to 20 minute walk from here, either along the beach at low tide, or by the Whitby Pavilion pathway.

The beachfront café was refurbished quite recently, and is no longer the eyesore it was for many years. This is a pre-season photograph; come Spring there will be locals and trippers braving the onshore breeze and deciding where to have their fish and chips.

Speaking of that national delicacy, we recently celebrated its 150th anniversary! Readers who don't know what we are talking about should go here for a picture and 150 fascinating fish and chip facts.


  1. They are soooo pretty. I have only seen them in the south of England, and in Italy. But I have never looked inside..... so one day I will do that!:-)
    Are you looking forward to the spring?
    I am a bit fed up with walking on the snow and icy pavements.
    The council have already spent all their money for clearing the pavements.

  2. Super charming photo! I love the colors and how they're all lined up!

  3. I love this cheerful photo! You'd never see anything like that here, and I wonder why?

  4. Thank you! Yes, we are so much looking forward to the Spring! Lizziviggi - where is "here" - I'm just going to see. Leif, you'll be pleased to know that I have some photos of the interior of York Minster, taken by a recent students.

  5. Very colorful and eye-catching shot.