Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where time stands still?

A view over the town from east to west, taken from the terrace up the steps from Blackburn's Yard.

Locals will immediately spot that this is an archived photograph: Woolworths, clearly visible on the harbourside in this picture, is no more! It has been replaced by an outdoor clothing shop.

Seeing the high harbour wall down below, it's difficult to imagine that the Esk sometimes overflows onto the streets. There is usually plenty of warning so that folk can get out the sandbags.

I'm not sure if the Old Town Hall clock, beneath which yesterday's buskers were playing, keeps good time.


  1. from here it looks like a very beautiful enchanting city.

  2. Just discovered your blog - and the Jorvik one- I live in York but Whitby has always been a favourite place having spent many holidays there when our daughter was small. She now lives in the USA but whenever she comes home always heads to Whitby for the fish and chips and the wonderful air.

  3. Thanks for calling in Freda. I'm replying to you here because I couldn't find an alternative on your profile page. I'm glad you've noticed the other blogs on York too. You had at least one listed that I didn't know about.

    Yes, Whitby is a lovely place. We spent our first few months there in a daze, wondering if we really did live there!

  4. ..... and from me in Stavanger: I like your photograph with all these beautiful and interesting details. Have a nice day!