Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bridge over untroubled waters

A familiar sight in Whitby is to see two crowds of people, one at either end of the swing bridge, waiting for it to reopen after the passage of a trawler or masted vessel.

The small building on the right is the gatemen's cabin, and the larger white one on the left the Whitby Gazette office. Turn right into Grape Lane just before that to see where Captain Cook lived during his apprenticeship.

Enlarging the photo will reveal that the red brick building occupying a prime position at the east end of the bridge is the Dolphin.


  1. I see "The Dolphin" on a building across. Is that a restaurant or hotel? Interesting name.

  2. It's a pub but I imagine they serve food too. They have a terrace giving onto the road at the other side of the bridge and there are probably views over the inner harbour from some of the inside tables.