Saturday, April 24, 2010

Goodbye Resolution

One of Cook's ships represented on the plinth of his statue overlooking Whitby harbour. My resolution has failed, and this may be the last entry on this photo blog. It looks very much as though we will be settling in York (see JorvikDailyPhoto) and won't get to Whitby often enough to be able to maintain this blog. Thanks for your visits and comments. If any Whitby reader would like to take this over, please let me know!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Functional English

Bygone days! An important feature of Whitby for many years was Functional English, a language school founded by John and Jill Karlik, occupying for most of its life the now-demolished former convent on Chubb Hill. 

Students came from all over the world to learn English, sometimes for professional purposes, and in many cases, to enable them to serve as Christian missionaries abroad. Many of them went on to learn another language through the medium of English before taking up this latter career. Marcus, Stefan and Andy, all Swiss German, are pictured in Pannet Park, just opposite the school,  posing with symbols of their career or interests (folk-rock music, IT and brass band). 

The school closed only last year bringing to an end a period which had enriched the life of the town and particularly of the churches of Whitby which many students attended and served in regularly during their stay.