Sunday, January 3, 2010

Headstones and headland

Just a little further into St Mary's churchyard to take in the west cliff and the coastline towards the pretty little village of Sandsend. The road drops steadily down to that point, then climbs steeply to Lythe and the moors road to Guisborough and Teesside.

The cliffs are unstable here, and several graves and headstones have been moved from the edge to a safer place to prevent them ending up in  Henrietta Street below. That's probably an exaggeration, as there is a certain amount of rough ground before you get to the cottages themselves.


  1. Gives you a nice end of the world kind a feeling.

  2. Geographically speaking, I suppose? We had hoped to be in Whitby yesterday, but were prevented by the snow. Cheers!