Monday, January 4, 2010

Arms open wide

St Mary's church is now behind us, whilst Henrietta Street and Tate Hill beach are out of sight directly below. We have come to the edge of the cliff, thankfully protected by a sturdy fence. Is that a whiff of smoked kippers from Fortune's shed?

Be careful if you continue on foot to Robin Hood's Bay, as the path is open to the cliff for much of the way. It is a lovely walk, only really dangerous in bad weather, and Bay is a must if you have a few days in the area. Walk it one way and take the bus back, or else hire cycles and follow the old railway line.

I remarked recently on JorvikDailyPhoto that I needed to pay more attention to my vertical lines; the sloping horizon in this shot reveals another area to work on! For a superb aerial photograph of the harbour, including the abbey, church and a view to Sandsend, go here, but you might stay longer than intended.


  1. Classic shot - not much different than it looked in 1962 - - just some new fencing I think.

  2. Hi Gerald,

    I've looked up your picture and posted a reply on the site. Cheers!