Friday, January 15, 2010

Impressive from any angle

St Mary's again, from the Flowergate end of Cliff Street, just above Somerfield's car park. In front of the houses just below the church is the terrace from which Wednesday's picture was taken.

The 199 steps are visible, snaking up from Church Street, as is the cliff, down which have hurtled the contents of more than a few graves over the years. Future occurrences have been avoided by resiting those at risk.

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  1. Superb blog. I was thrilled to visit Whitby last May, sadly only for the day. I absolutely loved it. I am originally from England and cannot believe I have never been before. I didn't walk the steps, left that to dear hubby. My sister is off for Valentine's weekend there and I can tell you I am very envious. Terrific photo's and narrative accompanying them. I look forward to learning more about Whitby. Cheers Linda