Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arms still open wide

The same classic view as yesterday, but with some Henrietta Street rooftops showing, and a bit of that fence without which …

No smoke from the kipper shed this day, unless the wind was blowing in the other direction.

The moors roads in both directions were closed for a time on Sunday; given the weather conditions today, I expect that Whitby will be cut off again, at least until the gritters get out.


  1. A dizzying view but looks worth the scary walk, at least while the fence is still there.

    There are certain angles when it's impossible to keep the horizon straight and vertical lines vertical. So I usually go for the screwy tilt. :D

  2. Good idea - I've done that in quite a few pictures too. I was thinking of your cafe picture as we were wandering through York in the snow today. Wandering, and wondering if I could find anything as chic for JDP: I didn't, not this time, anyway.