Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blue in Versailles, blue in Whitby

Youngs always looks pretty. The shop is at the sea end of Skinner Street.


  1. I love a catchy shop window. Sadly, most of these types of merchants have all been relocated to our large indoor malls, and even then the locally-owned shops like jewelry stores are replaced by larger chain stores.

  2. I like the shop, AND the sign with the beautiful letters.
    One of the things I like about England.....small shops like this.

  3. :-)This is so quintessentially English. Makes me want to catch the Eurostar this minute!

  4. I really like the display window and blue/purple color! I wonder how is looks inside?

  5. Yes, we still have a lot of small independent shops, but they too are in decline. Some people make a point of shopping locally in order to support the independents, but I think that a lot of people prefer anonymous non-communicative shopping. I wonder if they feel insecure in the intimacy of a smaller establishment.

    And if we could, we would be taking Eurostar in the other direction, not because we don't like England, but because friends are getting married near Montbéliard this weekend. York-London-Paris-Belfort is just too far for a short visit.

    Leif - what can I say?