Friday, January 29, 2010

Where 2x5=5

Just in case you miss the sign at the bottom of the steps …

A very important part of Whitby's economy, bed and breakfast establishments thrive on the West Cliff.  Book early for Folk Week, Regatta, Goth weekends and other special events. 


  1. My wife and I used to love B & Bs before kids! Some places don't allow noisy, running, silly kids!

  2. I love B&Bs too. Stayed in so many when we were in Ireland. Great way to know what it's really like, and so much better than a hotel, I think.

  3. Leif, I'm surprised, as most BnBs here are pretty child-friendly.

    Renee - you've been to Ireland! We're so near, but have never made it, despite our Irish connections (closer on my wife's side than mine). I'm talking about the republic - we have been to Belfast and the Antrim coast. BnBs are great for the personal touch and the one we stayed in over there was excellent. Breakfasts for giants!