Monday, December 28, 2009


The zoomed version of yesterday's picture.

I made a virtual visit to Stavanger yesterday as well one of my frequent calls to Eric Tenin's Paris site. What a lot I have to learn about photography!

For the moment I'm concentrating on composition and using a digital camera bought for us by our children. Despite its relative simplicity, it has given us a great deal of pleasure.

Well, back to this view from Cliff Street over to St Mary's and the east side of town. You can make out some of the 199 steps centre top. In another post I'll talk about the book, "Whitby one nine nine" of which we have a signed copy, received as a gift while we were in France. Some longstanding, loyal friends thought we needed a good dose of Streonshalh (later called Whitby by the Danes)  to make sure we came back one day - and we did!


  1. Looks like a castle up there on the hill! Welcome to City Daily PHoto network! Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. Yeah, finally a Whitby blog! Great place, haven't been there for years! Welcome to the CDP family!