Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time and time

I'm dedicating this second entry to last year's 7F (Mrs. Sharp's tutor-group) at Cædmon School, Whitby; they made a six-week stint on supply such fun - some of the time!

Two visions of time: minutes and hours represented by Bagshawe's clock on Flowergate; eternity by the abbey ruins on the east cliff. The fact that the 13th century Benedictine abbey is a ruin does not detract from the long-term vision of its builders, though one might wonder whether that vision was as pure as St. Hilda's in the 7th.

She was a remarkably energetic woman, noted for her wisdom and humility. Her recognition and encouragement of Cædmon's poetic gift bear witness to her egalitarian Christian spirit. That's Cædmon on the left of the page, as represented on the cross at the top of the 199 steps. There is also a transcription of his famous Hymn of Creation, of which there are many translations available on the web.

We found the visitor centre at the abbey much improved on our return to Whitby, and well worth the climb. It is accessible by car, of course. On a completely different note, Woolworths is no more! The store was situated just down the hill from Bagshawe's; it is now an outdoor clothing shop.

Well, time presses …

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