Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vennel or ginnel?

Too much wall? Certainly too much light on St. Mary's on the East Cliff. Well, I like brick, and the picture illustrates the kind of surprise views mentioned in an earlier post.

We've come up Bakehouse Yard onto Cliff Street, which is where we are standing now. The cobbled lane leads directly to the outer harbourside where you can buy seaside tack for the children and seafood for yourselves.

Here comes a fine example of understatement or redundancy - or both: there is a good choice of fish and chip restaurants and takeaways here, including the famous Magpie café and Fusco's on Pier Road.

Right on the harbour front, with views across to the pantile roofs of the East Side, is the Moon and Sixpence. At the bottom of the ginnel (or is it a vennel?) cross to the railings, which should stop you or your children falling into the water - or mud at low tide - and turn right. These websites serve up  a feast for the eyes - the stomach will have to wait; see  especially the Fusco webcam.

We'll descend this way another time; there's time to enjoy some other views along Cliff Street before we eat.

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