Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bakehouse Yard 3

This is the railing you had to hang on to yesterday, just outside a couple of more recently-built cottages. We are looking up towards Cliff Street, with the abbey behind us to the east.

Visitors often find these directions confusing; it took us a while to get used to thinking in terms of East and West Whitby rather than North and South.

In fact the coast here takes a turn to face more or less north, and this provides June visitors with the opportunity to watch the sun both rise and set over the sea. Set your alarm early if you must! I've often intended to do it but …


  1. So nice to see photos from Whitby, a place I have visited many years back.I I don`t think it has changed that much, because I remember narrow little roads and small cosy houses..... and colorful doors. I look forward to see and read more.
    GOD JUL / MERRY CHRISTMAS from me in Norway.

  2. Thank you for your visit and comment. Every good wish to you too!