Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bakehouse Yard

This is Bakehouse Yard on the west side of the harbour, but don't go looking for a blue door - it's been repainted since this picture was taken.

Like most of the old Whitby yards, including Blackburn's (see Friday Dec 18th), there is only pedestrian access to the cottages. Imagine negotiating the steps and cobbles laden with a fridge or washing machine during a downpour!

This view is from the bottom looking up towards Cliff Street; Don Burluraux has a shot from the other direction, looking down towards Haggersgate, on his North York Moors Cam site. I was a frequent visitor to his site whilst in France, both for nostalgic reasons, and also to show off the region to our Gallic friends. I'm happy to say that they were always impressed. For an artist's interpretation of the same view, visit Anne Thornhill's site.

Tomorrow I'll post a view of the abbey from the top of this part cobbled, part flagged yard, where most of the dwellings are holiday cottages.

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